I have been a graphic designer for the past 20 years and my training and experience has allowed me to see the image as a designer. I work with marketing and design teams to create imagery that is optimized for the strategy.

My knowledge and experience of the creative process allows me to partner with my clients. By asking the right questions and listening to their needs I am able to guide them through the process to make cool shit. This gives them the confidence in their skills and we are able to create the proper imagery in a shorter production schedule.


Eden Textiles is a Canadian company that has been supplying and supporting the hospitality industry for over 65 years. Skylark+Owl Linen Co. is the result of this continuous demand and appreciation for the comfort and quality of Eden’s products.

I have had the pleasure to create catalog and lifestyle imagery for them for the past two years.


Working with the production company PlanIt Sound and the city of St. Albert we spent a week creating all the imagery and video for the following years marketing campaign. We shot in all environments that required a fast setup and how to light in extremely challenging conditions.



The headshot is an important tool to build trust, it is an investment in yourself that reflects your brand. It should be updated regularly and bring an energy to your business. There are many styles of headshot and we work together to find the right style to fit your brand.



The challenge is not in the creation of content, but in the capture. You need to focus on your business, not capturing content. Bring in a team that understands strategy that will create the imagery needed to meet your goal.