My training and experience in graphic design allows me to work with the marketing and design teams to create imagery that is optimized for the brand and the channels of distribution. By doing pre-production work I am able to keep my photo count low and process the photos quickly, usually on the day, to allow the marketing team to use the imagery in a timely manner.

My philosophy on photographing events is to keep my gear to a minimum and to bring a positive and safe energy to the event. This builds trust with the subjects as I do not need everyone to know that I the photographer. My role is to make the event and the people attending look good.

I am like a lot of other creatives where I suffer from anxiety when it comes to being in a group of people in a social gathering. I have found that by having a camera and a shot list that anxiety is easily controlled. I use it to change my relationship with anxiety. This also keeps me in the role of the observer and to work on my skill of anticipation.


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The most insane yoga festival to ever come to Edmonton. Thousands practiced Yoga in downtown Edmonton.


International Hearing Society

Every year the IHS holds a convention in the USA that moves to different cities every year.