Make the Time

I believe that we should always make the time to create something just for ourselves. No Clients, No Meetings, just creation for the soul.

Sometimes the concept has been thought out and sometimes it just unfolds before you and you need to be ready to capture it. This is the time to take major risks in our process and to push our skills.

Make the time to create something for yourself.


This collection of images were created while I was working on the projection of a dance performance. I shot the photos digitally and then created large negatives and worked in the darkroom with traditional materials to create the prints. It has been shown in galleries across Alberta and has started my quest on the understanding of shadows.

My Faith

Shot on a polaroid land camera, all the double exposures were created in camera. This project was a exploration on how we can be held down by our faith and to break free to discover ourselves.

Get Me gone

Shot on Medium Format film, this is one of a series of sessions where the subject was given a song and moved to it based on her interpretations and I lit based on the mood the song created in me.