Runnin' n' Gunnin'

I have been working with Kevin and Estelle Academy of Hair for over three years, primarily shooting the looks from his graduating classes, but this past month he had an opportunity and wanted to get some coverage for social media and marketing.

Matty Conrad will be running a workshop in his school for local stylists to get themselves some spirited and inspirational instruction from one of the most well known barbers in the world today.

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This was an opportunity to put some new gear to the test before festival season and work out a process for doing both Photo and Video work. Using only the Nikon z6 and the new DJI Osmo Action I set out to cover the day. In the past I have not wanted to offer both photo and video as I felt you have a different mindset when making photos then when shooting video. My preference is always going to be photos and would approach an event with that as the priority. This time I switched it and made video the priority and when a good composition or moment would need capturing I could switch over to photo mode in the camera and take the photo.


This is where I feel the equipment I had made the difference. In the past switching between the two modes was best accomplished by carrying two different cameras, one for photo and one for video. Now with the mirrorless cameras, and especially the Z series from Nikon, you are able to setup your video and photo modes separately and access them by a flick of a switch. I have the shutter release button setup in video mode to be the record button so I don’t have to think about what button to press and was able to tell the story of the day in both photos and video. I also had the chance to setup the new DJI Osmo Action camera to get a few time-lapses of the day. Setup was easy and it did it’s job perfectly.