What I am up to.

For the past year I have been working on taking my knowledge of creativity and visual literacy and putting them into workshops and online courses. Over the next few months I will be requiring testers and releasing the courses first to my subscribers at a special rate.


Heiko Ryll is an artist whose passion vets his work. His youth was spent dreaming of being a performer - someone who loses themselves in their craft every night.

But aging has changed Heiko’s intention behind his artistry - maybe it isn’t performance or praise he needs, but rather a feeling of transformation.

By cutting his teeth on Graphic and Web Design, with over twenty years of experience, it was photography that gave Heiko the opportunity to combine performance and purpose.

Performance is unique in its moments, offering gratification of emotion and feeling.


#In This together

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As creative thinkers who have to solve problems for our clients we encounter challenges everyday on how to continue to make a living with our vision. We have to get the competition mindset out of our way and come together to share our experiences and wisdom with each other. We are in the Creative/Creator Renaissance where we are needed more than any other time. The way the world approaches work has changed and content is required at light speed. By sharing my knowledge and insights I want to spark discussions on how we can do this better because we are all In This Together



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I have over twenty years of teaching experience who has taught at the U of A, NAIT, Grant MacEwan, EDAC, Public and Catholic School Boards of Alberta. My approach to a workshop is to look in the opposite direction of the current trends and take the marketing of products out of the equation. My workshops are not or will they ever be sponsored by a camera product manufacturer.

This ensures that the information taught is not biased to sell you a product. I live for the struggle of the creative process and want my students to take on that journey to an enriching creative lifestyle.

TBD - Living in the Shadows
TBD - The Visual Language